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Classes across Reading and Wokingham. Join us in the joy of dancing.



Juke Joint dance events are also suspended.



Spencer's Swing on Sunday

Sunday evening classes in Spencer's Wood, Reading / Wokingham for Lindy Hop

At Spencer's Wood Village Hall

Join our beginners classes soon.

Basingstoke Road, Spencer's Wood, RG7 1AP - almost RG7 1AE

This is a lovely historic venue on the southern edge of Reading, just 2 mins from the M4, well maintained and full of character with a sprung wooden dance floor. We also use this venue for Juke Joint and Goody Goody social dance events.

Immediately south of Three Mile Cross follow the old Basingstoke Rd and at the brow of the hill you will find the hall. It sits between the church and the Farriers Arms pub at the corner of Clares Green Rd. Parking is both on-site and on Clares Green Rd.

Weekly Lindy Hop Classes 7.00 to 9.10 pm

7.00 Lindy Hop Level 1 (70 mins)
8.10 Lindy Hop Level 2 (60 mins)

Lindy Hop beginners need to take Level 1 classes for a while to prepare for the Level 2 class and we have regular start dates for Lindy Hop - roughly monthly. You can book your first 4-week block online at a discount.

Start dates for new beginners will be published when we know more about changes regarding the current pandemic.

We also offer social dance events at this venue for you to gain extra practice with fellow students, to mingle and to ask for hints and tips. It's a great way to expand your social circle.

  • Level 1 Lindy Hop Only
  • £6 per week
  • Pay-as-you-Go
  • Per Person from 7.00 to 8.10
  • Cash on the Door
  • Intro to Lindy Hop
  • £18 for 4 weeks
  • Pre-book your first 4-week block here
  • Per-person from 7.00 to 8.10 pm.
  • Use the button to book this introductory block-booking offer.
  • Both Classes incl Lindy Hop Level 2
  • £8 per week
  • Pay-as-you-go
  • Per person - covers both classes
  • Level 2 Lindy Hop is available within this standard price.
  • Join us at any time from 7.00
  • Cash on the Door

Welcome To Spencer's Swing

What a great way to spend a fun Sunday evening in a historical village hall!

Learn to Swing Dance with Reading's most experienced and accomplished Lindy Hop couple, Debra and John.

We don't do exams - we do fun. We recognise that every student improves at their own speed. We are here to patiently coach and encourage you along the road. Whether you want to push yourself hard or just enjoy the journey we shall support you.

Nobody begins dancing as a skilled dancer. Our public classes aim to get you dancing at a social level, not at a competition level. You can expect to improve your balance, spacial awareness and general fitness: all great reasons why people get hooked on the benefits of social swing dancing. And if you find that your friends and family are impressed by your new skills at the next gathering then that is a bonus.

We want you to cross the fun threshold not the pain threshold. We ask every student to be aware of their limitations and fitness level and to dance within their physical limitations.