Welcome to Berkshire Swing Dance
for Lindy Hop, Charleston, Jitterbug Boogie, Jive, etc.

Classes across Reading and Wokingham. Thank you for dropping in. Now join us in the joy of dancing.

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Some of our news items

October Juke Joint

Join us for an evening of Swing on Saturday 26 October


New Classes, More Dance Styles

Charleston, Jitterbug Boogie and Stroll are added.


New Website Now!

We have largely finished the work of moving content from the Swing Crazy domain to this site.



Launching our new Charleston sessions we have a 2 hour intro for you on 15th August. The weekly sessions will be on Thursdays at 7.20 in Caversham from 22 August and on Tuesdays at 7.45 in Redlands from 3 September.


Oh Goody!

Another Friday Swing Social at Spencer's Wood Village Hall


November Boogie Woogie

Get yourself up and running with this fun and flexible dance style for Rhythm & Blues music. Another treat from our Sunday Workshop programme.


Laura B at Juke Joint

On Friday 29 September don't miss the amazing Laura B Band at Juke Joint - classy swinging Rhythm & Blues for dancers.